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The NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative is part of a new Presidential focus aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain.

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Posted on June 6, 2014

NIH Accepts Scientific Vision for the BRAIN Initiative!

The NIH BRAIN working group presented its long-term vision for the BRAIN Initiative to the NIH Director’s Advisory Committee on June 5, which was enthusiastically endorsed by the Committee and the NIH director.  This vision, detailed in the working group’s final report, BRAIN 2025, focuses on mapping the circuits of the brain, measuring the fluctuating patterns of electrical and chemical activity flowing within those circuits, and understanding how their interplay creates our unique cognitive and behavioral capabilities.  Check out the NIH director’s statement and the NIH news release to learn more!

4 comments to NIH Accepts Scientific Vision for the BRAIN Initiative!

  • Pat

    Here’s wishing the BRAIN Initiative a continued success!

  • Wal

    I want to be part of Brain 2025!
    How can we apply?!

  • John LaMuth

    The working group states:
    re: Cross boundaries in interdisciplinary collaborations.
    No single researcher or discovery will solve the brain’s mysteries. The most exciting approaches will bridge fields, linking experiment to theory, biology to engineering, tool development to experimental application, human neuroscience to non-human models, and more, in innovative ways.

    Surveying the landscape of neurotechnologies reveals some that are mature, some that are emerging and in need of iterated, disciplined improvement, and some that require re-imagination. It is critical that the BRAIN Initiative boldly supports the very best ideas addressing each need. This report describes the current state of the field, but transformative new ideas will emerge in the future that are not on today’s horizon. The BRAIN Initiative must find a way to recognize such new ideas and let them flourish. Some innovative ideas will certainly fail, but this is not the time to play it safe. If the majority of proposals succeed in a predictable manner, we are not being adventurous enough.
    At this stage, it is senseless to choose a single funding mechanism or set of investigators for the BRAIN Initiative; there must be exploration. Applications should be solicited widely, with open competition for resources. Some ideas will be initiated by individual investigators who see a new way forward. Other ideas will require larger teams of scientists, particularly in human neuroscience with its unique ethical and scientific challenges.

    being as the current RFA’s make NO mention of this…
    A good place to start is forebrain.org

  • sahab

    The Bargmann-Newsome report is both comprehensive and visionary. However, I did not read about any discussion about trying to get the big ITs (not Pharmas) involved. Google, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and the likes could be formidable partners (far greater than the Pharmas), both in terms of basic research and dollars. Any comments from the two authors?

    Thank you!

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