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The NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative is part of a new Presidential focus aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain.

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Posted on February 25, 2014

BRAIN Initiative: All Hands on Deck!

The White House is seeking to further advance the goals of the President’s BRAIN Initiative by mobilizing organizations around the country. Through a Call to Action released on February 24, the White House has asked to hear from companies, health systems, patient advocacy organizations, philanthropists, etc. about the unique activities and capabilities underway that could be leveraged to catalyze new breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain.

Later this year, the White House will hold an event to feature the role of these organizations in achieving the President’s bold vision.  Have ideas? Send to brain@ostp.gov by May 1, 2014.

3 comments to BRAIN Initiative: All Hands on Deck!

  • John Simpson

    Dr. Collins, I am the inventor of US patent: 5,642,304 , which solves one or more arbitrary equations, such as a flow chart of zillions of variables or a super messy mathematical neural network. Obviously, anyone could derive a flowchart of any network or brain or creature and then use my patent to analyze it. Could you send an email of your contact who I could talk with?

  • John LaMuth

    In the spirit of Pres. Obama’s all hands on deck declaration with respect to the brain initiative, I wish to enter my own organization into consideration; namely, JLM Mediation Service: my own private practice dealing with mediation counseling within the Southern California area. My contribution concerns the first – periodic table for the neurosciences – that I developed at University of California Irvine and was published in the peer-reviewed journal there. This neuroscience foundation further served as the theoretical basis for my subsequent original theory and research relating to counseling psychology culminating in my masters degree in counseling from California State University Fullerton.
    I have previously been in direct contact with the NIH brain initiative staff regarding the dramatic potential of my overarching periodic table of the neurosciences as an excellent strategy for fast tracking an overall understanding of the human brain while minimizing much of the confusion within the field. I have also been in contact with the National Science Foundation and DARPA with respect to the great potential of my ongoing research.
    My recently devised periodic table for the neurosciences representing a Cartesian coordinate system utilizing the basic neuro-anatomical parameters of input specificity and phylogenetic age. The journal citation is — LaMuth, John. “The Development of the Forebrain as an Elementary Function of the Parameters of Input Specificity and Phylogenetic Age.” J. U/grad Research in Bio. Sci. – U. C. Irvine. Volume 6. pp. 274-294. June 1, 1977.
    Many of the additional details of this significant discovery are presented on my website forebrain.org – where close to 30,000 words of detailed research and informative diagrams is available for easy evaluation. I have noticed that the research funding announcements from the NIH are very limited in scope, focusing primarily upon a call for innovative new research techniques, but almost completely ignoring the potential for more comprehensive dramatic overviews of a theoretical nature (based upon the wealth of pre-existing empirical research) such as that which I am seeking to propose. Being not currently affiliated with an academic institution, I have judged that these NIH research funding announcements are scarcely applicable to my immediate circumstances, therefore, I am hoping that the president, who has lobbied for the highest ambitions and goals for this signature initiative, may possibly recognize the potential and significance for the more unconventional style of proposal that I am currently offering, whereby greatly enhancing the facility and speed of the initiative in terms of dramatic shortcuts to reaching the goal of greater public health and welfare. I would be delighted to participate in any colloquial-style gathering that was suggested for the latter part of 2014. Please keep me apprised of any such opportunities or developments offering an advanced shortcut to the aims of the initiative.
    I would greatly appreciate any feedback/critiques in hopes of collaborating further …

  • Joseph A. Salmon, Jr.

    Please inform me of where I can visit to further research the Brain Initiative. I am open to one relocation move. Please inform me fully.

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